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Sunday, July 9, 2017

GO GREEN! Reusable sandwich bags sewing tutorial

Are you tired of buying plastic sandwich bags for lunch boxes? I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel on how to sew zippered, reusable, washable sandwich bags. These bags are moisture proof so what that means is wet items can be put in the bags, now you can't fill the bags with water and expect the water to not leak out but your moist goods wont dry out and the bags are easily washable/wipeable for easy cleaning. These bags can be used for anything even holding wet wipes or a wet wash cloth while traveling.  I chose a zippered closure because theres nothing more embarrassing then that hook and loop tape sound that echos in a lunch room when that type of bag is opened lol, so a nice silent zipper prevents the stares lol. To watch a step by step video tutorial CLICK HERE to watch how to sew these easy reusable bags. NEVER buy a plastic sandwich bag again. Environment friendly, reusable, washable.

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